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if you'd like to share your own hearsay and/or hyperbole, send it my way: hearsayandhyperbole at gmail dot com
More than a year ago I quietly recorded a surprisingly loud album and I am finally releasing it to the world here:
I recorded and mixed the songs over 8 days with Joe Bisirri at Miner Street Recording Studio in Philadelphia.  The incredibly & uniquely talented people who played on this record include Jesse SparhawkChristopher Sean PowellElissa SpencerWilliam Tyler, and my Mom and Dad. I’ve also attached the beautiful album art photographed by Alex Mallis with styling and an originally designed dress by my sister Lindsay Powell (Universally Handsome). Album design was done patiently and lovingly by Brice McGowen.  (I wouldn’t load you up on links if I didn’t believe you’d find something mind-blowing on the other side of each and every one of them.) 
These songs feel very far away from me now, audacious audio postcards from a time of loss and transformation.  It’s time for me to send them down the river, and hopefully you will enjoy gathering them up and taking them to your own heart. 
Since I am self-releasing this album, any sharing you do will be so helpful and appreciated and also super radical.  You can buy it for $5, or, if you choose to give more, the donation will go toward pressing the vinyl or toward a dream vision I have for a video and dance project for “Hold Your Fire”.
My guts to yours, use them well.

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