welcome to my bird's nest, a collection of the things i make and find, of the stories i carry. get cozy.
hear what you want to hear here(s):

hear my solo sounds
& some sister sounds in the band FESTIVAL
watch the whimsical little movies i make
and some contributions to collective media-making

that's a lot of arms and legs. one day perhaps it will all fit together in one place.

if you'd like to share your own hearsay and/or hyperbole, send it my way: hearsayandhyperbole at gmail dot com

My installation “Dream Collector" has been successful in luring in FOEG goers to have a snooze or a snuggle. ¬†Every time I walk by and see someone sleeping with the headphones on, I am desperate to know what their dream-influenced dreams are! ¬†

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